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Ferrari-Chichester Area


New member
Hi, I have just joined and have a 1990 Testarossa. Living in Chichester I see quite a few Ferraris around Goodwood track days and at the main events. However, are there any members in or around Chichester? Resident Ferraris seem thin on the ground. It would be good to meet up with members at Goodwood or elsewhere locally. Dry days preferred! Best wishes
It's quite quiet now as a lot of cars are off the road for the winter (out here in rural Lincolnshire the roads are better for tractors than Ferraris during the winter months) but there's a bit more chat come the spring.
Hi and welcome. Your Testarossa sounds good. Would be great to see some photos.

For Ferrari's in your area, the Sussex area Ferrari Owners Club is quite active.
As requested, a couple of photos of the car from a 2023 magazine shoot. It has only done 15,200 miles in total, 6,000 in my 10 year ownership. Emblem Sports Cars who look after it have removed and rebuilt virtually everything in the last four years as there comes a time when aging components just do not work as they should. The car is “as new” now with the driving transformed. As an aside, when I bought the car in 2013 it had been fitted with 512TR wheels and the tyres were dated about 1994! I got the original wheels with the car and the smaller diameter rims and correct tyres work far better with the suspension.


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Welcome. Drop me a message, I am a local owner, be good to meet some southern owners! I intend on taking mine out a lot more this year!
Hi Paul, I have just found the website again! I go to Goodwood a lot, although I give the Festival of Speed a miss. Perhaps meet up at Goodwood later in July?