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Ferrari F430 YUM YUM

F430 Scuderia Badge

Do you do the F430 Badge with the word
Scuderia below rather than the tricolour?
And if so how do I pay? Thanks

I'm not sure how current this thread is but it sounds like you are describing the standard badge which should be available from any dealer
can the Rear F430 badge still be ordered?? I like it a lot


I saw this F430 rear grill badge with the flag colours and i like it a lot. Can it still be ordered? If so how. I want it.

The badges are manufactured by me and i hope someone is not copying them :shocked:

They can be mounted any where but due to extream heat from engine i have had to supply carbon heat sheld for rear of badge ... If u need one please PM
Same question as above really,
Is Jason still on here? And is he still making these badges with Tri-colour?
Would really like one for my car👍🏻
And if so, how do I go about getting in touch with him?