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Free DI water filter output calculator


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We've long had a calculator to work out how much 0ppm DI water the Race Glaze water filters will produce, depending on TDS of your local water (available from your water supplier website), but its been internal.

Its now available for external use, so if you've ever wondered, give this useful tool a try. Note these are only for the RG branded units as output efficiency is very much dependent upon the shape and proportions of the vessel.

Its at the bottom of this page (below is a summary of what it looks like, which wont work off this Forum post): https://www.carcovershop.co.uk/faq.php

To buy a filter please see here: https://raceglaze.co.uk/shop-catego...laze-car-care-exterior-rinsing-water-filters/

Water Filter Calculator
Use this handy calculator to see how many litres of pure water your local supply will give you and how many rinses will result. Your water board website should tell you the hardness.

Output Calculator for 7L 14L 25L Filter

Enter water hardness here: litres (approx)

Example water hardnesses:
Central Birmingham - 80 ppm
Outer Birmingham, Kent - 270 ppm
London - 280 ppm
Southampton/Portsmouth - 320 ppm