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Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

Hi Folks,
Just checked on the miles done on the Pirelli P-Zero’s I’ve just removed, they had covered 18,652 miles over about 1 year 7 months. Pretty good longevity, but admittedly they were properly spent on removal.
Cheers, Giles
Hi Folks,
It pays to check your owners manual!
I thought I would double check the winter tyre sizes in the owners handbook as I’m aware some manufacturers state different tyre sizes for winter tyres and being that the rears are pretty wide at 275 probably wise to check.
I’m glad I did because with winter tyres both the front axle and rear axle are different.
225/40/18 front
265/40/18 rear
Also in this instance it did pay because the different sizes are cheaper, £536 delivered, pretty pleased with that.
Next job is to get these fitted by the wheel refurb team in Birmingham. It costs the same to have a tyre fitted at the local tyre place as to have the wheels refurbished, so may as well get them refurbed.
Cheers, Giles
Hi folks,
Today I did an airport run in the 360 and I was amazed to see I comfortably got the large suitcase and overhead carry on in the front luggage compartment.
Living with one of these as a daily is full of little wins, my passenger (Con, for those who know her) had assumed we would take her Lexus, but nope, the 360 took it in its stride, what a great job the packaging team did with the 360!

As you can see in this next photo I removed the tool kit, and popped that behind the passenger seat.
Very impressive load space, and you can also put bags behind the seats, great car for touring 👍
Cheers, Giles
Loving the daily use!

Was thinking 575s are looking like a bargain daily at current prices; just a shame I couldnt due to client base!
Hi Folks,
It’s been 5 years of ownership now, and in that time, I’ve spent loads, but I’ve used it plenty too.
I would have normally done the year’s running costs by now but I’m still spending! :)
Latest failure has been the drivers side dipped beam. I got a bulb from Superformance, £80 delivered, the most expensive dipped beam bulb I’ve ever bought!
Fitting was quite straightforward with the wheel off. The bulb is a Lucas product, I wonder if you can buy this exact bulb from a standard motor factors?
New bulb packaging IMG_2521.jpeg
Failed bulb:

Cheers, Giles
Almost half the price of what I paid! :D
With 'Ferrari Tax' I think you got off lightly :D

There's a thread on Fchat known as the 348 parts interchange which has been added to for years - essentially it's posts of parts which are either the same part as OEM in a different box or parts which can can be used in lieu of OEM parts often for a fraction of the price. Be quite useful if there was the same for all older models.
Almost half the price of what I paid! :D
View attachment 159867
Thats annoying! Had that on my 348 with something, can’t remember what. Thought I was saving money over Ferrari, only to find out super were making a nice profit! Handy service but…!
(fchat parts thread has certainly saved me a few £ on the 348. surprised they dont have one for the 360?)
Hi Folks,
So this year’s summary:
Circa 10k miles
Longest journey was Scotland (didn’t get to France this year)
The only warning light was related to the lamda sensors at the beginning of the year.
Breakdowns zero, although I couldn’t quite bring myself to use it when I recently had the drivers side dipped beam bulb go on me, oh the shame of it! :)
Greatest success was the fitting of the new gear linkage which solved my long running issue with a stiff gear change and has transformed the driving experience.
It’s been a fairly pricy year but I’ve fixed a few big ticket items and bought a second set of wheels and tyres and had a major service, although not belts.
2024 will be almost fault free, I’m sure of it! :D
Here are my running costs for 2023.
Cheers, Giles
My second set of wheels have now been refurbished by City Wheel Refurbishment in Digbeth and the new Hankook winter tyres have been fitted (£160).
The quality of the refurb is OKish, I think I will look for a higher quality refurb for my summer set, I have a company in mind, will do a bit more research.
I’ll see how I get on with my summer set on the refurb of those and I’ll post up the images when done 👍
Cheers, Giles
They look fine Giles but sprayed rather than powder coated, which is appropriate for the winter set. Presume you would go powder for the summer set?
They look fine Giles but sprayed rather than powder coated, which is appropriate for the winter set. Presume you would go powder for the summer set?
Hiya Steve, I believe it’s the other way around, they said they are powder coaters. Very few outfits will wet paint alloys. The place I’m going to try for my summer set is Lepsons in Wolverhampton, I will pop in on Saturday morning to see what’s what.
Cheers, Giles
Oh that’s quite surprising. Maybe it’s just the images then but I thought I detected a mottled texture which implied spraying (not that it really matters) as powdercoatings end up really smooth. One of my cars (non-Ferrari) has sprayed wheels and another is powder coated and they are quite different. My powdercoated ones were done in Pershore and I was well chuffed with them. Either way, enjoy!
IMG_2746.pngIfthe rims have tyres on which of course they remove and refit it’s an extra £10. So essentially my new mail order tyres which were about £50 each cheaper on line cost me £10 each to fit, saving £40 per wheel, so using man -maths, that means the refurb was essentially free 🤣

Summer set gets taken to Lepsons on Saturday 👍

Cheers, Giles