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Giles’ 488 Scrapbook

Fabulous to have that record of your build. Will we see it on drive it day (sans fake carbon mirrors…)? 😉
The mirrors are a classic example of people thinking they know better than the highly paid design team that put together the vehicles in the first place.
Take a look at these mirrors, who in their right mind would conclude they look better than the original condition?
Miss-match of carbon effect weave pattern, visible wrap edge conditions and red paint visible at the edges/joints too. It’s like poor quality wallpapering.
The best thing to do is take the wrap off and apply PPF. That way the protection against trees and brambles is maintained and it looks better quality too. However, the risk is unearthing some underlying damage…. We will see!
I know a fantastic PPF company in the midlands who I’m sure can do this, Covertech Midlands in Birmingham, so I’ll get it booked in 👍
Cheers, Giles
those look terrible! hopefully the paint is all good and you can show that great colour! ppf a must. ppf on my mirrors need redoing soon as it takes a battering!