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Lambo huracan anybody had one - or want one.


Hello all,
I’ve made my way through several cars over the years, most p cars, Audis, BMWs and a few in between.

Loving the current ride of my Cali V8 which I feel is a lot of car for the money.

However the impulsive and discontented part of me is hankering after either a 458 spider/italia or a lamb huracan (circa 2015)

I e could one I like and it seems well priced @ 130k with very low miles and a decent colour spec. Low owners (just 2) a fully documented main stealers history don’t ticks all of the boxes.
I’ll be honest and say a part of it will be financed but not a huge chunk perhaps 50k and the Cali will be pxed to make some of the money up.

Anyone here had experience with a huracan, whilst I know this isn’t a Lamborghini forum I feel there must be folks on here who have considered or even owned such a car. Or perhaps not🤷

Honest opinions more than welcomed.
Feel free to shoot me down if you feel im making a huge mistake and will regret it. 😂
I wouldn't go out and buy a Huracan without driving a 458 to compare it to. I've heard of people who have and have been very disappointed in the Lambo in comparison to the Ferrari.

Not sure how important it might be (it might in view of the fact you're looking at financing some of the car) but I'd be extremely surprised if the 458 doesn't hold its value better medium to long term.