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Mark's 360 F1

Hi All,

Had my 360 ceramiced yesterday. The existing paint work was quite dull and flat. The chap spent a day on it and brought it back to life, with a 3 year coating. He also restored the lenses, which were starting to oxidise.

Very please with the results and it only cost £350. If anyone wants the details, please PM me.

Thanks. Re the lenses, I'm afraid I don't know. I will ask.

It's more just curiosity so don't put yourself out finding out. All my lights are a bit misty now and going to have to sort them out at some stage but it'll probably be next winter as I'm guessing it'll involve taking the headlight units completely out of the car.
Just spoken to the Detailer and it's Meguires Ultra Cut Compound with a da polisher set to 7500 rpm. Hope that helps.

It does, thanks, especially as I have a DA polisher and a couple of Meguiars compounds. I have some Ultimate Compound a couple of others, not sure if I have Ultra Cut but will have a look. Cheers :thumbsup:
I agree, I'm not knocking it! Our W plate 360 has a five digit plate too.

As long as it's not something like S3XXY or as I see quite a bit (always on stupid Range Rovers or Mercs) BO55... :laugh:

Anyone with ‘boss’ on a number plate has never been or will be a boss - fact :laugh: