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Morethanpolish News - December 2022 Gifts and New Products for Car Care


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Unit 15, Station Road Business Park, Barnack, Stamford. PE9 3DW.

+44 (0) 1780 749 449

It may seem the end of the car cleaning season for many, with the pleasure aspects of preparing for shows and fun driving days out now replaced by a need to keep the daily driver tidy. The pure pleasure vehicle is presumably safely tucked away and protected from the elements…

But if you still need winter protection, then please review our sister site, www.carcovershop.co.uk, which focuses on indoor and outdoor covers, battery conditioners, dehumidifiers and mats. All of which I have in use right now on my own spare cars.

It’s also Christmas present shopping time, so if you want to open something you actually want on Christmas Day, how about sending this newsletter onto those who buy for you with a couple of suggestions from our own gift selection, or website?

We’d all like to wish you and yours a Happy Christmas, keeping warm and close to those you care for.

Mark, Claire, Mo, Mel and Becca

A New Car Show for 2023 – Festival of the Dead

Our team is busy working on this new show for ‘dead marques’ – manufacturers who no longer produce cars, with our partners Classicline Insurance. It’s at the beautiful Burghley House in Stamford on 2 July, with on-line ticketing and celeb attendees to be unveiled soon. In aid of Mission Motorsport too. So – Jensen, BL, Rootes and Saabs are in, Astons, Bentley and Porsches in the Dunces Corner! www.festivalofthedead.uk

Total Outdoor Car Protection

Our Waterproof & Breathable covers are the best outdoor cover we know – genuinely waterproof yet fully breathable, slightly stretchy and sizes for even the largest 4x4. Custom versions for Porsche 911 from 964, plus Cayman and Boxster. The best outdoor protection for your car, a true 4 seasons cover – as proven by repeat orders and a growing reputation.

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Water Filters

We know drying a car in winter presents its own problems too – never being able to get it quite dry, cold hands from freezing water and a burning desire to get indoors as quickly as possible.

Our Water Filters are sound purchases now too – no car drying needed, no soggy towels or chamois, time saved to return indoors for a hot cuppa ! Our popular 7 litre size lasts a year for the typical 1 wash a week owner, with refills only £45 for another year of contactless drying. Initial cost 7L unit £105, for 2-3 cars washed a week, 14L at £195 is most economical per litre produced.

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New Custom T-Shirt Service

Send in your own image or use one of ours, or buy a copyrighted image from our tame photographer and give a full colour custom printed black or white t-shirt, from only £14.99. Quick two day turnaround. www.alankennyphotography.com

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New Classic Car Oils and Fuel Additives

We’re now a walk-in stockist for Fuzz Townsends Classic Oil, Penrite Oils and Tetraboost unleaded fuel additive. See details under each brand on our site, available to collect or send out. Available to collect, we are only 5 minutes from the A1 at Stamford.

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Race Glaze Graphene Wax

Quite a lot of Graphene Products about now, but few utilise the superior Platelet Graphene, as it’s more costly (and effective) than Graphene Oxide. As ever, you get what you pay for, so the RG product gives superior shine and durability over Oxide products, and its delivery agent is wax from the well proven Signature range. Gift size 50ml jar at £27.99 makes an ideal stocking filler.

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New Wash Mitt Sir,?

We offer Premium Sheepskin (softest, densest) at £15, microfibre (machine wash) at £9.99, Noodle Mitt (cheapest) at £5, or the Microfibre block type Wash Pad at £5 if you prefer not to put your hand inside a mitt. With extra grit and road dirt around now, a good mitt will save lots of winter paintwork damage.

Order Now

AluBright & JetLaq for Bare Metalwork

Winter restoration project?

Engine bay tidy up?

Exhaust looking dull?

Motorcycle engine fins dulling?

This popular pair smarten things up with a quick squirt and light brush, then protect for months after.

Buy Now

Zymol Discounts

We lowered prices on a raft of these great products in the summer – not everything is still available, so check them all out here now.

Concours Glaze: was £189.95, now £149.95

Ital Glaze (for Italian cars): was £149.95, now £125

Glas: was £19.50, now £14.95

Tyre: was £27, now £19.95

Wheel Wax Coat: was £19.95, now £14.95

Trademark Zymol sponge: was £7.20, now £4.50

Zymol Synthetic Chamois: was £11, now £9.95

Atomic Graphene Shield: was £39.99, now £22.50

Seal for rubber: was £29.95, now £25.95

Leather Cleaner or Conditioner: was £14, now £11.95

Vinyl Conditioner (Premium range): was £14, now £11.95

Vinyl Conditioner (white bottle): was £32.95, now £22.95


Zymol SALE

4Detailer - Award Winning Glass Cleaner Back Soon...

After a resounding win for Crystal Glass in the recent AutoExpress Glass Cleaner Test, our first 2 deliveries sold out, but lots more is due this month. Keep an eye on the site, at £7.99/litre its great value for a smear-free finish.

I use the Snow Foam (£7.99 1L / £27.99 5L) and can vouch for the Hummer Iron purple wheel cleaner too – runner-up in the same AutoExpress Product Awards (£9.99/£39.99).

Buy Now

Angelwax, Bilt Hamber SALE - Last Few Items

Up to 40% off our remaining stocks of these popular brands.

Buy Now While Stocks Last

Workshop Consumables – Have a Peek…

We stock some weird and wonderful products, of use to enthusiasts as well as garages and dealerships, which are in this section. Brands such as Stahlbus, Sikkens, ScotchBrite, CarSystem, Gap Gauge, ‘Honda’ Tape, AutoGlym and more...

Have A Peek