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NEW Fleece-lined outdoor Waterproof & Breathable car cover


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If your car - any car, has to stay outside this winnter and you want a really good protective cover for it, then have a look at these.
The fabric is both waterproof and breathable so can go on a wet car, and wont sweat
It has a thick fleecy lining so cant chafe the car even on exposed spoilers and mirrors
Its physically thick so a great adeal of protection against scuffs and scratches
You can use it as an indoor cover too
2 underbody straps and strong elastic both ends make it secure
Available in black
Example prices: 360/430 £284, California family £294

Its only £25 more than our proven 3 layer covers and we think is a tremendous cover for maximum protection.

Please have a look here: https://www.carcovershop.co.uk/Car-Waterproof-Breathable-Covers.php

Our full range of covers is also on the site, as ever, I'm here to advise the best cover for your needs.
Our database covers every Ferrari so you can find all the options for your needs from our dedicated Ferrari covers page here: https://www.carcovershop.co.uk/Fully-tailored-Ferrari-covers.php

Thank you


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