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Raupp Ferrari Calendar - last one ever


Active member
Renowned Ferrari Calendar photgrapher Gunther Raupp, whom I have represdented in the UK for 10+ years, has just made this announcement:
This BEST OF ROSSO CORSA is the last calendar. It has no days of the week in the calendar. With this deliberately timeless sequence, this anniversary edition has lasting value. You can leave it on the wall, turn its pages and continue to enjoy it for years to come.
Treat yourself to this magnificent calendar and enjoy the masterpieces of Italian motor racing with a tantalizing new creation every month. Great for the home or office, this fantastic calendar is a work your friends will envy. 2024 ROSSO CORSA is also the perfect gift for your BFF!
Don't miss this last edition!
Order now on-line here: https://www.raupp.com/en/
Or phone me on 01780 749449