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Something Completely Different: Range Rover P38 “Borrego Edition”

well, positives i guess
1) you dont have to look at it whilst driving it
2) youll never wonder where you left your car in the car park
3) there will be a story to amuse/bemuse us all!
I predict tears...

Our place is not far from the factory and having done work with many JLR engineers and projects over the years it is a 'special' place indeed.

My advice - get a landcruiser

We actually have a Porsche Cayenne and a Mercedes GLS450 for the serious work.
Ignore all the naysayers, the P38 is a great bit of kit . . . whilst it is working! However, you will have to treat it as a hobby because, well, you just will. They are the most unreliable vehicles on the face of the planet but relatively easy to fix for those handy at wielding wrenches and soldering irons!.

First port of call must be to download RAVE as you will certainly need the Workshop and Electrical Trouble Shooting Manuals (available FOC from the forums). Second stop should be Blackbox Solutions to procure a NanoCom, pricey the very best bit of diagnostic kit for the P38. Then swot up on the EAS suspension system and get used to refurbishing the valve block and compressor on a regular basis - easy and cheap if you are able to concentrate on detail, work methodically and have some patience. Treat both as service items to do every three or so years.

But before all that join up to the two best Range Rover communities - rangerovers.net/forums & rangerovers.pub - where you will find more useful information and help about the P38 than the combined efforts of all dealerships. There are plenty more communities and forums covering the P38 on the internet and Facebook.

How do I know this . . . because this is my 2001 P38 4.6 Vogue which I’ve had since 2004:

Exterior Front.jpg

Exterior Back.jpg

Interior Front.jpg

Interior Rear.jpg
We had a P38 and it was ok, a bit under powered being the DSE.

Also I know quite a bit about the special edition Linley Range Rover P38. That was a very nice car and I work for Linley for 14 years.

Good luck with your P38!