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Adrian's 355 musings

So off to Carrs yesterday for its service and MoT. Bright shinny new truck.


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355 came back week before last all serviced and fettled. Passed its MoT no problems.

Service manager said it was the best sounding ferrari he had heard! It did come back with the bypass valve open!!! I think they had been playing.

Some extras done in both rocker cover gaskets replaced as one was weeping and the other threatening. Not cheap but it was dripping onto the exhaust and the smell bothered me!

Now for detailing and tinkering.

Fortunately the car is PPFed, and the grill shows what gets thrown at it. Obviously had to sort this out, Halfords satin black a perfect match!

Next up is the night illumination for the clock!


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Santa accidentally bid on a reg, so spent the past few days fitting them.

Rear was easy, currently on with double sided tape but will also screw it on; the rear does get hot and I did loose the rear plate on my 348 once!

Front was just attached with padded foam with double sides tape; no idea how that stayed on! So a little metal bashing to make a couple of brackets, despite double curvature, fairly easy to make, bit of double sided foam to take up any mismatch and then screwed on!! Just a black cover for the nut to go!


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