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Charity Ad Hoc donations update

Tony this is amazing news…..I've only just seen your reply

Thank you so much.

Have you got an email address that I can send some information across to. The file is a bit big for uploading.



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I've just heard from John after his successful trip . Fantastic achievement and we are very proud to have supported him
Thank you for your generous and fantastic donation to our trek for Tong-Len.

We’re absolutely thrilled to say that with your help, the UK tax rules and some offline donations, our total now stands at over £7000.

This will really make a difference to Tong-Len and they are thrilled. It is their biggest single donation of the year and we are so pleased to have been able to help them.

I’ve attached a shot of us at EBC.


John and Ellie

John Stewart
US 650 303 1372
UK 07710 835837

John and Ellie Go To Everest 4-20 April 2014


Raising money for Tong-Len

Everest and thank you all Club Scuderia members

I just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of Ellie and I.

We successfully made it to Everest Base Camp Nepal side in April. The weather was pretty brutal and we were there just a couple of days before the avalanche that killed 16 sherpas no more than a mile away on the Khumbu Glacier. We were not in any danger from this but it makes you appreciate how dangerous mountains can be. Sadly we also met one of the sherpas that was killed.

On a happier note we raised over £7,000 for our chosen charity and they are delighted.

Finally as a mark of respect Ellie and I made a personal donation to the sherpa's family - his name was Ash Guruk.

As they say in Nepal - Namaste.

And if anyone is thinking of making this trip, do it - I can't recommend it enough and it is the trip of a lifetime.

Thanks you all again.
Over the past 10 months the committee has received a number of ad hoc requests to support a variety of good causes to the tune of £500 each.

This year, we have agreed to the following

Mongolia Rally
Mario 149 was taking part, in what can only be described as an endurance:thumbsup: rally to Mongolia to raise money for their chosen charity “ the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation”:thumbsup:

Charity bike ride – sponsorship
Sletti was taking part and requested a donation towards his chosen Charity – The Princes Trust:thumbsup:

Charity Beaujolais Run
Jules was raising money for the Henry Surtees Foundation:thumbsup: which raises funds to support cancer care and the Air Ambulance Service:thumbsup::thumbsup:

2012 Paralympics

AndrewE asked if we would consider a donation to The Will Bayley 2012 Paralympic Fund to help a world class athlete win a gold medal....and good luck :thumbsup:

kayaking the Great Glen
Tim asked us if we would support a colleague who was Kayaking the Great Glen, which links the East to West coast of Scotland, covering 70 miles of Lochs and Scottish waterways in aid of Children with Leukaemia.:thumbsup:

I am sure you will agree that all of these Charities / good causes will make excellent use of the CS donations

The Committee

Although we didn't support him this year thought all would like to know Will managed to go one better and win a Gold today. :thumbsup:
Our local girl Jordanne (MBE) Whiley won Bronze today even with a wrist injury.
Mom Julie and family will be so proud, well done :winner:
Also all the dog walkers in Haden Hill park:grin: