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Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

Is that just with the water sluiced off and not towelled?
Just hosed off (with a variable spray nozzle set to give a mid to fine spray pattern) prior to towel drying, where is my geek emoji face when I need it?!
Point being, the whole bonnet got the same hose condition, but the Collinite wax keeps beading like a fresh coat.

Played with the mobile edit settings on one of my Scottish photos today….

While in Scotland we hit a significant pothole, wasn’t going quickly, sub 40 mph, but it felt horrid. No damage to the rim but I wondered if that can damage the steering rack? The wider front winter tyres make the steering feel different but there is a significant dead feeling to the steering around the centre now, not sure if this could be rack damage or just the wider winter tyres?
I guess I’ll find out when I put the summer tyres back on.
One benefit of the 2 sets of rims is that every 6 months when a set is removed that set will get a thorough clean so neither set will get that build up of black on the inside of the rim, always looking to protect my resale value! 😂
Cheers, Giles
Out and about with the 360 today….

Lovely 1961 250 GT/E


At C&M near Stratford
I think it’s time to switch the wheels tyres back to the summer set now, might get this done this weekend 👍
Switching the wheels and tyres over will tell me if the steering or geometry is an issue or just linked to the wider front tyres of the winter set, we will see.
Nothing much to report at the moment, everything seems to be working fine!
Cheers, Giles


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Hi Folks,
I was only thinking the other day that I haven’t had a failure in ages…. but then my handbrake cable snapped:
Should be an easy fix, probably wait to when it’s in for the service.

It should look like this…. although the passenger’s side still looks pretty grotty, so will probably change both, or is it just one cable that loops round both sides? The Eurospares catalogue shows a left hand and right hand cable, I’m sure the dealer will able to advise.

Cheers, Giles
For new parts I always use ferrariparts; ask nicely and as a foc member they offer a discount, and have actual price and availability. eurospares just piggiy backs and is generally somewhat out of date.

youve done well there! probably one of those winter jobs; not technically difficult but probably fiddly!