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Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

Is that just with the water sluiced off and not towelled?
Just hosed off (with a variable spray nozzle set to give a mid to fine spray pattern) prior to towel drying, where is my geek emoji face when I need it?!
Point being, the whole bonnet got the same hose condition, but the Collinite wax keeps beading like a fresh coat.

Played with the mobile edit settings on one of my Scottish photos today….

While in Scotland we hit a significant pothole, wasn’t going quickly, sub 40 mph, but it felt horrid. No damage to the rim but I wondered if that can damage the steering rack? The wider front winter tyres make the steering feel different but there is a significant dead feeling to the steering around the centre now, not sure if this could be rack damage or just the wider winter tyres?
I guess I’ll find out when I put the summer tyres back on.
One benefit of the 2 sets of rims is that every 6 months when a set is removed that set will get a thorough clean so neither set will get that build up of black on the inside of the rim, always looking to protect my resale value! 😂
Cheers, Giles
Out and about with the 360 today….

Lovely 1961 250 GT/E


At C&M near Stratford
I think it’s time to switch the wheels tyres back to the summer set now, might get this done this weekend 👍
Switching the wheels and tyres over will tell me if the steering or geometry is an issue or just linked to the wider front tyres of the winter set, we will see.
Nothing much to report at the moment, everything seems to be working fine!
Cheers, Giles


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Hi Folks,
I was only thinking the other day that I haven’t had a failure in ages…. but then my handbrake cable snapped:
Should be an easy fix, probably wait to when it’s in for the service.

It should look like this…. although the passenger’s side still looks pretty grotty, so will probably change both, or is it just one cable that loops round both sides? The Eurospares catalogue shows a left hand and right hand cable, I’m sure the dealer will able to advise.

Cheers, Giles
For new parts I always use ferrariparts; ask nicely and as a foc member they offer a discount, and have actual price and availability. eurospares just piggiy backs and is generally somewhat out of date.

youve done well there! probably one of those winter jobs; not technically difficult but probably fiddly!
Hi Folks,
Annual service done and while in the hand brake cables have been fitted too.

Recently I have had the feeling that the steering wasn’t as sharp as expected, it didn’t self centre so I have the geo checked again at Damax as they recently did it, all good there, the geo is spot on. While there Robin did spot one seized track rod end and one graunching one, so both were changed for Hill Engineering ones. Robin also looked at the steering rack but couldn’t find any issues and the steering fluid level was correct.

So back to the annual service on the vehicle inspection Sam at Stradale Italia found that my ball joints are worn to the point that it could be they are causing a resistance in the steering. So we have decided to chase this down and give the front suspension a bit of a refresh.
I’m addition to the track rod ends Robin changed Sam will change, all 4 front ball joints plus the 8 gaiters that are required, the drop links both sides and the damper bottom bush, interestingly (to me at least!) Ferrari call this the Silent Block Bush, Flanblock. All this should quiet down the front end, and then I’ll be able to clearly hear the knocking and chattering from the rear ball joints! 😂
On the ball joints Sam won’t release the car the same day, because a two pack apoxy resin adhesive is used he insists on them having plenty of time to cure before he releases the car.
Apart from that, the car is all good and still going strong, not long now before the mileage milestone will be reached, happy days!

Last month at the Fig & Favour Stourbridge way for a Ferrari owners club breakfast meet.

I’ll let you know if the front end refresh influences the heavy steering as one of the joys of this car is the good communicative (as the motoring journos say!) steering feel, will be good to restore that. If the rack is in question I’ve found a company to remanufacture the rack for £500, Western Power Steering, after speaking with them it sounds like you get back an as new rack, we will see if it’s needed after the suspension joints refresh.
Cheers, Giles


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...All this should quiet down the front end, and then I’ll be able to clearly hear the knocking and chattering from the rear ball joints! 😂
I can relate to that after replacing the creaking lower front arms on my Boxster. I had no idea the rear was noisy too until I silenced the front! Good luck with it all.
Apparently according to Sam at Stradale Italia, the noise from the rear could be the heatsheilds rattleing if not secured well enough - either way Sam will sort it when it goes in for the front end ball joints x4, drop links x2 and flanblocks (still can't get my head around that name use by Ferrari for the damper lower bush!) x2. For info, probably mentioned above but the track rod ends (Hills Engineering parts) were replace a few weeks back when Robin from Damax rechecked the vehicle geometry - which was fine. One track rod was completely seized and the other was graunchy, hence the replacement.

Quick note on my ditchfinder rear tyres, Accelra Ph-1's, short feedback is, they are horrific in the wet, so I need to drive accordingly and in the dry they are fine. The longer answer is that they are so bad in the wet it gives a really interesting chassis response and a significantly increased driver engagement. In the wet the rear can lose traction at lower than anticipated speeds, which not only keeps you on your toes but gives the driver an opportunity to get that rear wheel drive feel of an elise or suchlike which certainly raises the heart rate somewhat. Also, it provokes the traction control to kick in and rein things in. My understanding is that the 360 has a basic traction control nothing like what you see in modern vehicles with dynamic stability control. In practice the simple traction system acts very much like dynamic stability, and in my experience it apears to work very well (I never turn 'ASR' off but sometimes drive in 'Sport' mode). This surprises me as I recall you tubers and jouralists saying that the system is basic/poor/inaffective, but not in my experience with my car. Having said all that, I will be buying Michelin or suchlike next time without fail!

Parts should arrive from Hills/Graypaul this week so hopefully get it all fitted soon.

Cheers, Giles
Hi Folks,
My 360 is now in for the front suspension ball joints, drop links and damper lower bush flanblock. (Already fitted last month the track rod ends)
The error state has been awful steering whereby the steering will not self center itself which makes for a very wired driving feel, one which I’m desperately hoping will get resolved with the new parts.
Sam has a high confidence the issue will be resolved as when jacked up, taking the load off the ball joints, the steering is free and light, but once the friction is increased by loading up the ball joints the sticky steering feel returns. Here’s hoping to a fast resolution to what is a horrid error state, nothing worse than corrupted steering feel on your Ferrari, now if that’s not a first world problem, I don’t know what is! :)
I sometimes wish Sam offered a loyalty card with the regular visits I make to Uttoxiter! :)
Cheers, Giles
Hi Folks,
All the front end suspension parts have been fitted and as well as all the knocks and clunks being eliminated critically the lovely steering feel has returned, which is fantastic news. Sam from Stradale Italia said the ball joints were the worst he’s ever seen, so I got my moneys worth with those! They had done 55k miles in my ownership and maybe few more by the previous owner?
Today I was out at the Northern Group Concours…..

On the way back from the Concours this happened……
I’m pretty pleased with that milestone! 👍

Cheers, Giles
Hi Folks,
These are some of the parts replaced from the front end….
Of the 4 ball joints the two small ones were pretty ropey but they moved freely enough. One of the big ones was extremely stiff but it would move. The other big one was seized solid!

Drop links and damper bottom bushes, one of which had completely disintegrated. Not sure what the other thing is with the drop links?

Much quieter now, I’ll be interested to find out how long the new Hill Engineering ball joints will survive 👍
Cheers, Giles
Thanks Mike, at my current rate that’ll take me another 20 years, which will make me 72, I guess it’s possible! 🤣🤩

Weekend away in Tywyn 👍
Don’t you just love it when you find an absolutely fantastic air b&b?! 🤩👍
Cheers, Giles