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Only picture I took yesterday :sweethear:

Anyone know who owns this 275?


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A good day. We were very fortunate with the weather!

Hopefully the total funds raised and additional publicity will be record breaking and encourage even more visitors next year.

Mark - As always; A professional standard of photography. very impressed.
Bruce - a very nice looking machine :)

H&S briefing next year is now likely to include an extened version for Lambo drivers next year; checking drivers know their left from their right. :wink3:
The words below are from Jason the checkered flag man

What a fantastic day yesterday! We have had some awesome feedback from the public who attended the event and as always singing the drivers praises for giving them such an amazing experience.

I would like to say a massive thank you myself and from the team from Little Havens for the support and hard work given from the drivers on the day, this event would not happen without you guys and I hope that from our point of view we are getting there as far as the organizing and making sure that you are all looked after. I appreciate your patience with the last minute changes that were put in place by Ford but on a positive they were really happy and looking forward to hosting the event again next year.

To give an example of the difference that this event makes aside from the monetary benefits, we had one of our boys from Little Havens, who is car mad and had attended nearly all of the Ferrari events and the track day events since we started them come along last year despite being very poorly as his condition had become progressively worse and really enjoyed himself, and as his mum said, smiled for the first time in ages.

Unfortunately he lost his battle and died 2 weeks after the event. He was 13 years old. His mum was truly grateful as all he talked about was the track day event and the ‘’cool drivers’’.

This is not the only story like this and I only tell it to show what a difference the event and you guys make.

We are looking at exceeding £34k which is great news and will make a real difference to the families who use our services.

Thanks again and I will let you all know as soon as I have the date for next years event.

Many Thanks

Jason and the Little Havens Team
OUTSTANDING :thumbsup::thumbsup:

To have worked hard to be able to afford the car in the first place gives a certain feeling of satisfaction........................ to then be able to go on and use the car to help achieve something like this amplifies that satisfaction to the power of ten :grin:

Well done everyone :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Dunton was a fantastic success yet again this year, well done to all!

Unfortunately I couldn't give rides this year as my car is out of action, but I was helping out trackside (I was the annoying one constantly asking people to switch on their headlights) :grin:

Watching Bachi and Bruce and the red Lotus at the very end giving ride after ride after ride. Truly epic!

When the volunteers/staff found out I was a driver they couldn't have been more grateful. They wouldn't stop thanking me (for all the drivers) for making such an effort and making such a big difference to the charity.

By the end of the night everyone was telling Jason (the flag waver all day and co-founder of the event?) to go for a ride in Bruce's car. Even Bruce ordered him to have a go. But he was adamant everyone else should first, and that it was more important that the staff/volunteers got home as they all worked so hard. Even though all and sundry got a ride in Bruce's car he gave up his chance and let others go instead and went home without a ride. Bruce only stopped because he was so low on fuel. Jason even gave me his last protein bar because he was so grateful for the help.

We all watched the laser gun guy come back and tell Bruce he beat the Enzo by 2mph!

By the last few laps Bruce was missing the flag entirely and had to make 3 point turns lol, once tearing up a large chunk of the track in the process :tongue3:

One of the last rides was for a kid who for a few years came to the event but was too scared to go for a ride. Finally his parents managed to get him to get into the red Lotus for a single slow lap. It was superslow, but even then, when he got back he got a massive hug from his parents and he said he wanted to go out again! They were so proud of him and so grateful to the driver.

Awesome day.

And thanks goes to Johng39 for giving me a ride in his lovely Aston (you're a real peddler too) and being so grateful for all the volunteers and their help, much appreciated.
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Couple of great posts above.... really sum up these days to a tee! :thumbsup:

£34k....brilliant result for Bruce, Jason plus all the drivers and volunteers. Top job!!! :dude:
How long was the gap between car 8 coming off the entry slip and car 1 coming back around ? Quite a reasonable and comfortable while i should think................ with 10 cars that gap would be reduced a bit so maybe that is the thinking :) You wouldn't want to be making a decision about wether or not to pull out in front of a car you could see on the banking to your left :hmmm: :tongue3:
Brilliant result, roll on next year:thumbsup::dude::dude::dude::dude::dude::dude::dude::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
And thanks goes to Johng39 for giving me a ride in his lovely Aston (you're a real peddler too) and being so grateful for all the volunteers and their help, much appreciated.

You are welcome, I thought I would stay and give some of the volunteers a ride at the end. I ran low on fuel by the end though, Fuel computer said 'NO'. Its the many years of racing caterhams :grin:

See you next year.
Brilliant stuff, and a very moving thank you from Jason :)

Mark, thanks for the photo you kindly emailed me.

PS. My Lotus is now in the garage for the next 3-4 weeks to have new front arch liners fitted (old ones destroyed due to the bumpy banked concrete sections), and new stiffer Eibach springs fitted :D
btw, I agree with the suggestion that a couple more cars at a time on track should be tried. Ford can always reduce it if it feels too busy.

Secondly, I would suggest reducing the total number of cars on the list to drive by about 10-15. Especially in the morning, it felt like you queued for 25 mins to drive for 4 mins.

Perhaps start by having a maximum number for each model of car, at the complete discretion of the organiser?

I very much doubt it would have any impact on the number of rides given.