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An irregular visitor to these hallowed pages these days, mainly because of family "pressures" but also because I've slipped further away from Italian motoring now, having gone to the very dark side with a Porsche 911 (997 C4S) :grin:

Sold my Maserati as it wasn't getting enough use, for a variety of reasons. Lovely car, with magnificent road presence and the best sound from a standard car pretty much ever :) But needs to be used on fast flowing smooth roads with no ground clearance considerations...which the roads I use are far from.

So in comes a 911. An itch that has needed scratching for a while. 4WD as I intend to use it over winter. An S just because - I like the wider body, and more power is always welcome. Have squeezed the whole family into it, just, so there's still a vague edge of practicality. But it's much, much more compact than the Maserati so eminently more usable on the roads here.

Very early days with it. Handles differently to anything else I've owned and am mindful of where the engine is, so not pushing it too hard at present, but it's a quick car. Sounds great (Porsche Sports Exhaust) and it's a PDK box which is something else new to try...

Apologies to my old friends on here for blotting my copy book with a Beetle :grin: But you know what? It's pretty good!

(I still aim to return to the Italian fold one day, probably when the kids are much bigger...probably needs to be a Lamborghini initially, but I'll need another Ferrari before I stop driving).

20180526_144426 RS.jpg20180526_144348 RS.jpg
Never understood the Ferrari vs. Porsche jihad TBH have loads of mates who have cars from all different marques.

I like the GT and RS Porsche’s a lot but would love to see all that engineering put into newer forms with a bit less of the ‘house style’ sam-i-ness...
I actually quite like them. Mate of mine has pretty much the same car........ I think. Let’s be honest they all look the same so it might be a slightly different variant :)

Good option for a fun car you can use a bit more though, I’d think. Like the colour too, Andy :thumbsup:
Great cars. I have a black on black 997 C4S manual as my daily. I’ve had it for almost three years and every morning it still puts a smile on my face. Cold start, prod the PSE button and back it out while it cackles mischievously. Seriously good fast road car.

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Last generation with proper steering, in my view the 991 took a step backwards and steering feel is the one thing that has defined 911s going back 50 years. You shouldn't lose any money on that car as it's the purists choice.

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Love it. If out wasn't for the dreamy Italian sports cars, it'd be Porsche all the way for me. So much so that I've still got my adorable Boxster S that I've had for ten years :)
Looks nice Murph. I've always said if I could only have one car it would be a 911 variant. I've never even been in one as a passenger (Simon Bradbury might have let me sit in his once at Oulton Park) let alone driven.