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Fancy making the day of some hugely deserving kids? Cambridge charity event


New member
Hi all

I've been trying to spend a little more of my free time on doing occasional good deeds where possible and so wondered if anyone fancies getting involved in an event solely aimed at putting a smile on the faces of some kids who desperately need it. Some of whom have terminal or life threatening conditions. The charity i've been in touch with is called the Sick Childrens Trust. I should add that i'm nothing to do with the charity i just happen to think it's a great cause and am trying to get involved in helping them with a few events through the medium of fast cars! And it only requires simply giving up a few hours on a lovely summer's afternoon to let excited kids gaze at your Ferrari in awe.

The intention is that in the longer term we will look to attend some events at the hospitals where some of the kids are staying and those that are able to will get a chance to can either have a ride in or at least get a sit in/have a photo in a car of their dreams. That is requiring a little more work to arrange it due to the various logistics but watch this space for hopefully getting that arranged in the near future as that will be hugely rewarding to get involved in.

In the meantime the charity would be immensely grateful if a small group of amazing cars were able to turn up at their Family Fun Day in Cambridge in July. The details of the event are described more fully below but essentially it will be a day where various kids and their families will be at the fun day and it would be wonderful if some of this group's Ferraris were parked up so that these kids (and their Dads no doubt!) could have a look, have a photo with them and maybe a sit in a few of them to really make their day. I had a chat with the charity reps and they were so enthusiastic about just how thrilled some of these kids would be just to have a photo with some of their dream cars. So if anyone is able to spare a few hours at this event then that would be fantastic. There are live bands, magicians, BBQ, bouncy castle, face painting, fairground attractions etc etc all there too. The Ferraris would obviouslybe the main attraction though!

Brief details are:

Charity: http://www.sickchildrenstrust.org/

Event: SCT Family Fun Day

Date: 17 July 2016

Venue: Swavesley Windmill, Hale Road, Swavesey, Cambridge, CB24 4QP

Time: From 2pm

If you fancy getting involved in this then please do let me know and I will make the arrangements. And hopefully we can get some other events arranged in the future to make these kids have massive smiles on their faces when they most it.

Many thanks and kind regards, Matt

Further details of the SCT:

The Sick Children's Trust provides what is often the only family accommodation available at major paediatric hospitals across the UK. Every day, families and sick children have to be transferred to specialist hospitals far from home to receive urgent medical treatment. Life for the whole family can suddenly be thrown into complete turmoil. Without our support, families would face being split up at a time when they need each another the most. So we have ten high quality 'Homes from Home' which all provide a warm, comfortable environment, enabling these families to be there for their sick child, at any time of the day or night, to wipe away their child's tears, calm their anxieties, and help them to get the specialist treatment they need. We provide 146 bedrooms, 365 days a year, so families in desperate need of accommodation can be just minutes from their sick child's bedside.
Put me down as a possible. We were toying with the idea of a weekend in Cambridge in June to visit a friend. I'll see if it's possible to move it to July, and if so I could definitely bring the 360 (assuming it survives the supercar weekend two weeks earlier!).

Would have loved to but leave on holiday the day before. btw worth contacting the committee, if you can get something together for club members they'll often make a donation if funds are available :thumbsup:
Nice one Dave. You're on the list which so far is:

Dave964: 360
Spider_man: 360 Spider

And thanks so much for this helpful info F355 GTS. If anyone is or knows a committee member cntact please could they get in touch so I can explore this option further. Thanks again?
Nice one Dave. You're on the list which so far is:

Dave964: 360
Spider_man: 360 Spider

And thanks so much for this helpful info F355 GTS. If anyone is or knows a committee member cntact please could they get in touch so I can explore this option further. Thanks again?

PM Markst or Nosevi
That's absolutely wonderful! I can't help out with what you are planning since I'm not even in the same country, but I will visit the link you posted and make a donation. Let us know how it goes! And of course any pictures of smiling faces would be great, though legally I'm not sure if you would be allowed to take and post pictures of such an event....? :hmmm:
Thomas. What a lovely gesture. I shall be sure to pass that message on to the charity. And hopefully the charity will post some photos of the day on their website.
Matt, PM recieved and replied to - we'll chat off thread but hopefully the club will be able to help towards this worthwhile cause and the day. If I can get my life sorted out I'll be there, I'm committed to something else at the moment but will see what ai can do :thumbsup:
I've recently moved to Peterborough, which is just round the corner really, so count me in.

Dave964: 360
Spider_man: 360 Spider
pav911: 430 coupe


Should now be able to make it so will put myself down. Have spoken to the other committee members and Club Scuderia will also donate £500 to the charity. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Dave964: 360
Spider_man: 360 Spider
pav911: 430 coupe
Rincao: California
Nosevi: 348 TS

p.s. Matt, could you just check the address, I'm getting a different road name at that post code for some reason.
Huge thanks to the Committee for that incredibly generous and kind donation. I will convey this to the Sick Childrens Trust and no doubt they will be chuffed to buits. Thanks for the interest in attending too. I'll keep a list and firm up with people nearer the time. They are limited on space e so i suspect they won't be able to accomodate too many of us but we can sort that closer the time. Thanks again. Hugely kind and appreciated.
Unfortunately, I need to pull out.

I discovered last night that my friend hits 50 that weekend and is having a big party on the 16th. Although I could still reach Cambridge in a morning, I somehow doubt I will be legal to drive.

Hope it goes well.
Thanks for the info. SPorting Bears looks a superb cause. I'd like to get involved in some of those events if possible in future. Please be sure to post on here when any involvement is required.