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Fancy making the day of some hugely deserving kids? Cambridge charity event

Thankyou all so much for taking the time to come along. It was lovely to meet you and a really lovely group of people and beautiful array of cars. Thanks again for the very kind donations too. There were a lot of kids and adults who were enjoying the opportunity to get up close to a Ferrari so huge thanks for everyone being so accommodating. Hope to do more events in the future.

I have the Club's flags which I will arrange to drop off with whoever needs them at a future events. Thanks again everyone
Great to meet you all. Shame we couldn't fire the cars up, but i don't think the jazz band would have appreciated that.


I would like to share the following email from the Sick Children's Trust with you following last Sunday's event which was supported by Club Scuderia:

Good afternoon!

As a major contributor to our event, we thought that you may be interested to know were we are with regards to the filming that took place on Sunday:

We understood that it may reach their news slot the following day, but I think a local story regarding a large company takeover was used instead as, regrettably, our event wasn't shown. However, our PR team will watch for it I'm sure and Abi and I will too and we will let you know if we hear anything regarding it's showing. I understand that Cambridge TV is channel 7 on Freeview for anyone in the Cambridge area, but anyone can view it online. The show will be 'Cambridge In and Around' which will air on a Wednesday night at 9 pm in approx. 3-4 weeks time. Once the show has aired it will put onto Cambridge TV website as below:


Also, a further update:

Our funds raised by the event have been increased to £3,452.91 and we can not thank you enough for your major contribution to this. We are absolutely delighted!

All at Acorn House & Chestnut House, Cambridge
Well done all from here who attended:thumbsup:
Nice one Matt for organising, I couldn't attend sadly as we also visited another hospice in Bromsgrove on the same day as your event, also a worth while charity event and some very emotional discussions speaking to some terminally ill patients, i had a couple tearful moments and makes you really appreciate your family and health.
Primrose hospice raised £5100 from that one day event, amazing

Cheers all who attended :thumbsup: