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Fancy making the day of some hugely deserving kids? Cambridge charity event

Matt,I believe they are attending the Concorde Classics Eastliegh organised by Rob Heard of Wessex FOC.
Sunday 11th Sept
Thanks for the info. SPorting Bears looks a superb cause. I'd like to get involved in some of those events if possible in future. Please be sure to post on here when any involvement is required.

I think you need to join - I did last year, and I think there was an annual membership fee (£30 maybe - can't remember). You also need a letter from your insurance company confirming they are happy for you to take part.
Thanks for the info regarding Sporting Bears. I'll look into signing up.

And yes, this Cambridge event is very much going ahead so many thanks for the interest. I will contact everyone nearer the time to firm up details. But in the meantime i will attempt to attach a poster that the charity sent over for it


  • Family Fun Day Poster.pdf
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Matt fantastic idea. love to be involved.... just need to rearrange our holiday road trip.
I have loads of gifts that i can donate for raffels/stalls etc aswell ... drop me an email adam72@me.com
Hi all

Thanks for the interest in attending this event and also teh very very kind donation by Club Scuderia to the great charity and also some of the other very kind donations from others. I am looking to sart firming up numbers in the next couple of weeks becuase the event site is small and they will be very restricted on how many cars we can get on site. So if you could let me know if you are still able to attend that would be much appreciated. I know that plans change and people may no longer be able to make it and that's no problem but i'm just keen to get an idea of numbers. The previous list was:

Dave964: 360
Spider_man: 360 Spider
pav911: 430 coupe
Rincao: California
Nosevi: 348 TS
Hi all and thanks again for your interest in attending this charity event and for the very kind donations made by several people and the CS club.

I have been given information regarding arrangements for this weekend which are as follows. I have listed as much info in advance as possible but if any queries please do let me know. My number is 07885 252526 (Matt)

The charity is called the Sick Children's Trust. They provide facilities for supporting families of very very unwell children. Often these kids are far too unwell to even leave their hospital bed. The charity provides means for the families to be with their children throughout. Days like this Family Fun Day not only raise much needed funds for the charity but also to give the opportunity for siblings of the unwell children to have a day of fun and attention at a time whehn they themselves may be feeling a little lost, bewildered and in need of some fun and attention. So our role on sunday is to give the attendees of the Fun Day (which will include some of these families) the spectacle of some amazing cars lined up for photo opportunities and endless questions. No doubt there will be kids and parents wanting to have photos and those who are happy to let people sit in their cars will no doubt make the days of many people who have never been up close to, let alone sat in, a Ferrari. If letting people sit in your car then it may be an idea to bring a towel or similar to put over your seat to protect the seats from any jeans rivets etc.

The venue is: Swavesey Windmill, Hale Road, Swavesey, Cambs CB24 4QP Tel: 01954 232247

The event starts at 2pm and runs until 6.30pm. We have been allocated a small area to park the cars which will be barriered off from the main car park. To ensure that we can get in and be set up before the car park fills up please could we all be there abd parked up by 1.15pm. As this is only a small village event then we can only be alloated a very small area to park the cars. Therefore, only those who have accepted the invite so far can attend. It is hoped that much larger scale events will take place in future, including driving days for kids etc. Unfortuinately this event is too small to be able to drive the cars once parked up inside the venue. It has been heavily havily (and i mean really heavily!!) emphaised by the charity that we really do only have a small area so we really are restricted to only those cars who have confirmed their attendance. We have a great selection of various dfferent models of Ferrari so it should look spectacular and will be great for people to get up close to cars of their dreams.

The fun day will have various live bands, a magician wandering around, various attractions, a bar, a BBQ, cakes, sweets, ice creams etc. Each of those attending in the Ferraris will be given a token to get a burger/hot dog and there will be bottled water available too. We are advised to bring chairs/blankets to sit on.

Cambridge TV are filming the event for coverage possibly on the local news and also with a view to potentially producing a programme on the Sick Children's Trust. There will be some flags up of Club Scuderia so the club will get some coverage which will be nice especially after their very generous donation to the charity.

Mark: I note that you need to depart by 4.30pm which by the sounds of logistics and expected volumes in the adjacent car park sounds like there is all sorts of potential for being a nightmare so please do let me know when you arrive as we will need to notify the organisers to try to ensure that there ae no blockages to the route out of the venue. I am advised that this may take some organising so we would be best to ensure this gets some atention at the earliest possible part of the day.

That is abouit as much info as i have. Any queries at all please do let me know. And thanks once again for giving yup you some so generously to put a smile on some people's faces. That really is a lovely thing to do.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday

Kind regards